How often do we really stop to think about the words we use in our conversations and our writing? This is a question that came to mind when I received an email from my friend, Harry, who sent me a Wordle image that he created while I was offline in Vermont. Wordle is a cool applet that creates word clouds based on website content. In this case, it analyzed my 2010 recap post.

My first reaction to this image was ‘this is awesome!’  It seems to capture the essence of what I experienced and wrote about in 2010, but in a view that is a bit non-traditional.  It seems that this could be a good exercise to do occasionally with our writing.  Sort of a pulse check, if you will.

Brandon Sutton Wordle December 2010Obviously, the words we choose matter when we are communicating our message to the world, but they matter just as much when they are bouncing around in our heads.  Over the past 2 years, I’ve found myself being more and more mindful of my choice of words as I speak with others or capture my thoughts on paper or in blog posts.  It’s as much about keeping myself focused on what I want to manifest in my life as it is about conveying my thoughts to others.  After all, our thoughts (and in effect the vocabulary we use) determine what we experience in life.

What do you think?  Do you pay attention to the words you use throughout your day?

Wordle image courtesy of Harry Hallman