Last night, I had one of the most productive and inspiring conversations I’ve had in a long time with my good friend and colleague, Michelle Morgan from Hub Atlanta. We were discussing the work we are both doing in the community and how we are looking to facilitate major social and environmental movements.

She used an expression that really resonated with me. She described people like me that get so into the initiatives we are working on that it’s like we are lighting ourselves on fire. Let that one sink in for a minute.

It’s literally like that right now. 

Lately, I’ve been on the run-up to launching what is without a doubt the biggest thing I’ve worked on to date, and it has the incredible potential to inspire millions of kids and youth around the world. Seriously! Stay tuned for an imminent announcement on that – perhaps even over the weekend. Yeah!

Brandon Sutton on fireRight now, I am on fire, metaphorically speaking, and it feels amazing!

Michelle was describing how her whole reason for doing what she does at Hub Atlanta is to connect with people like me that are willing to light ourselves on fire over important issues and help connect us with the resources to bring this work out into the world in a big way.

That conversation triggered a whole tangent on how I’m going to be asking for support from the community so I can light myself on fire more often. More on that soon.

But for today, I just wanted to share a little bit about how it feels to be going through this. It’s nerve-racking, exhilarating, butterfly-inducing, gut-wrenching, and yes totally and completely amazing all at once.

And it’s blowing my mind beyond anything I could ever describe.

What about you? What inspires you to light yourself on fire? Are you getting the support that will help you do it?