Forest Therapy Walks

Forest Therapy walks are about slowing down and taking time to just ‘be.’ Walks are 2-3 hours total and can be tailored to participants of all skill levels and physical abilities. No special gear is required to come on a walk – just an open mind, comfortable clothing, and water to stay hydrated.

This particular tradition of Forest Therapy, which I learned through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, was inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing. It turns out that there are tangible benefits to walking in a forest, including the restorative effects of Phytoncides, which are emitted by the trees all around us. By spending just a couple of hours in these environments, studies have shown we can reduce our cortisol levels, i.e. stress, which has positive impacts on our bodies as well as our minds. 

We don’t get into details on the specific types of plants or animals that are present, yet we do acknowledge the various beings that inhabit what we refer to as the More-Than-Human-World. There’s no right or wrong way to engage in Forest Therapy and you won’t get quizzed or graded on your experience. It’s totally up to you what you get out of a walk. 

Walk Locations:

  • Cascade Springs Nature Preserve – Atlanta, Ga.
  • Frazer Forest – Atlanta, Ga.
  • Emery Creek – Chatsworth, Ga.
  • Just Love Forest – Poetry, Ga.
  • Sweetwater Creek State Park – Lithia Springs, Ga.

Upcoming Walks:

  • Frazer Forest – Wednesday March 24, 3pm
  • Schedule updated frequently. Contact me to schedule a walk for your group.