This week I’ve had one reminder after another that I need to take some time for myself. Not to do anything per se, but to just be.

The world is full of distractions and things that can pull us off the path which we choose to lead. It can be challenging to navigate the seemingly winding path of life without losing our way. That’s why we need to slow down from time to time and ask the question: am I the person I want to be today?

It’s not about doing. It’s about being.

ButterflyDoing things is only a part of the picture. Certainly the things we do can have a major impact on who we are as people, but there is more to it than just the doing part. The first thoughts we have when waking and the things that we think about between acts of doing – this is what shows us who we really are. It takes our attention to realize it though.

From time to time throughout the day it’s important to pause and ask ourselves where our attention is focused. Where we place our attention is critical. Lately, I’ve found myself placing my attention on things that are not bringing me happiness or fulfillment.

3 things hit me yesterday and I finally got it. First, my friend Simone shared her story about a recent vacation she went on where she was completely disconnected from technology while she experienced some remarkable diving off Bonaire. Her story of bonding with the ocean was quite inspiring and it reminded of how incredible I felt last summer in the woods of New Mexico during my trip out to Vista Caballo.

Then I read Tyler Tervooren’s outstanding post on doing what we are here to do without all the distractions and excuses. His point was crystal clear to me – if you have a calling in life, then do whatever it takes to keep moving yourself forward in that direction. It hit me between the eyes – I’ve been ‘busy’ with all kinds of tasks and things that must be done, but what have I done to truly move myself into alignment with who I want to be as a person?

I was chatting on Twitter last night around 2am with Reese, and she seemed to be struggling with this same thing. She said: “I dislike getting to 1pm and the only thing to show for it is work for other people.” Bam – right between the eyes. It was like a mirror had just been put before me with bright lights shining straight on all of my stuff, and I couldn’t look away. I actually sent her a link to Tyler’s post and 5 minutes later she signed off Twitter to create for herself. 🙂

2am. That’s when I finally got through all the ‘stuff’ that I had to do yesterday, but when I look back on it, the majority of the day wasn’t spent on being who I really am. I’ve made a conscious decision to have a positive impact on the world through my work, and there is much to be done in that arena.

Today, and on through the weekend, I’m taking the time to just be. It starts with this post which I’m writing before checking email, Twitter, or any of the other things that can take me into the vortex of digital life. And after I publish this, I’m going to breakfast with a friend.

Special thanks to Simone, Tyler and Reese for the reminders that we have to take time for ourselves. It’s essential to our well-being.

What about you? Are you taking the time to be who you are or who you want to become?