Now that 2012 is officially underway, I thought it would be good to start the year off with a positive, uplifting message of hope and optimism.

This year is going to be a big year for all of us. And by that, I mean basically everyone alive on the planet. Huge shifts are taking place around the world, and decisions are being made that are going to impact the course of humanity for decades to come.

I was talking to my friend Lisa Arie last week about some of the opportunities for helping others in the coming year. I mentioned some web consulting work I did for a recent client, Krull & Company that really felt awesome and how I really enjoyed helping businesses like this that are having a positive impact on the world.

Vermont ‘Breathe that in.’  

That’s what Lisa said to me. When she said it, it was like a wave of relief passed through me.

When we do what we are called to do, it almost seems effortless, doesn’t it?

Breathing in the goodness and abundance that’s available to each and every one of us helps us move forward on the path to happiness and prosperity in our personal as well as our professional lives.

Getting there requires us to get really clear on what it is that makes us come alive.

I’ve worked on distilling this down to a simple message over the past year and I think I’ve finally nailed it.

I use media to create positive social and environmental change.

This is the essence of what I do, and it manifests in a few different ways – I create my own media through blog posts, videos & films, photos, social posts on FB, Twitter, G+, etc. I share and comment on media that inspires me through some of these same channels. And in my business, I help other change makers with their digital and social media strategy and execution.

Everything above makes me feel alive and fulfilled as I go about my day. Today, I’m breathing that in.

If you’re reading this, I encourage you to identify what makes you feel alive and fulfilled, and take it all in.  Breathe it in.  Take a deep breath and imagine that it’s filling up your whole body as you inhale.

How can the world be made better by what you breathe in?  Let’s all ask that question as we usher in 2012.