You know, the frequency of social messaging is reaching a fever pitch these days, and it underscores the fact that any brand that is going to flourish has to get in the mix somehow.  Not a day goes by that I don’t get a stream of updates from my friends and business associates on what’s going on in their worlds.  Funny enough, I actually pay a lot of attention to these, as they provide a unique opportunity to keep up with people that I might otherwise lose touch with.  I’m one of millions of people that have embraced this aspect of social media and I see myself paying more and more attention to it with each passing day.

What I find interesting are the players that are out in front using emerging media channels to spread the word and encourage wild viral spread.  Take the political candidates and political action committees for instance.  Man, let me tell you – these guys are pushing some serious messaging online and even dabbling a bit in the mobile space.  The speeches are barely done before status updates, videos, blog entries, etc. start flying.  And of course, on the topic of engagement, I can’t think of a better example of how these tools enable a level of engagement that we could only dream about just a few years ago.  I see the passion coming out of people who I would never expect to be so engaged!

Everyday people are realizing the power they have to spread the word about things they care most about, and this has really turned the Marketing and PR worlds on their heads.  The two functions are highly intertwined now more than ever, and it’s critical that brands think about how to reach consumers directly and give them the capability to be evangelists.  The tools are there, but they have to be used and continually fine-tuned.

The next time you read a status update from a friend or click on a link that someone you know has posted, think about the implications of this messaging.  Is your brand in the mix?  If not, the time for second-guessing has long since passed.    Sink or swim – right now!

BTW, here are some supporting materials on ‘Direct-to-Consumer PR’ and ‘Status Updates’ to check out.  Enjoy!