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Going All In

June 17, 2011
Brandon Sutton Gulf of Mexico

Going all in is a concept that continues to come up as I move through my journey. I’ve been hearing it over and over again by very inspiring people that I greatly admire.

Most recently, I attended a talk by Pete Bethune last night, where he talked about leadership, risk, and doing things that make a big impact in the world.  Pete is the man that decided he wanted to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat.  But not just any powerboat, one that was fueled 100% by biodiesel.  My kind of guy!

Pete’s story is a remarkable example of an individual that embarked on a quest and learned so much along the way that it has altered the trajectory of not only his life, but the lives of countless people and animals the world over.  Continue Reading…


Recharging My Soul at the World Domination Summit

June 9, 2011

Last weekend, I had the privilege and honor of attending the first World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. WDS is Chris Guillebeau’s brainchild and together with a team of dedicated volunteers, he achieved what I can only describe as an epic coming together of hearts and minds of change agents and explorers from around the world.

I could sense the energy in the city from the time we hopped on the Max train at the airport. We were speaking with a local resident about World Domination and good Pinot Noir as the train wound through beautiful northwest neighborhoods, and a young lady across from me overheard us and said she was attending WDS as well.  Continue Reading…

7 Days Until Departure

May 27, 2011
7 Days Until Departure - World Domination Summit

7 Days Until Departure.

These are the words that I could hardly imagine when Chris Guillebeau first announced the World Domination Summit last September. #WDS has been sold out since January, which is quite a remarkable achievement for someone who has never produced a live event before.

So, what is this World Domination Summit all about anyway?

Lately, I’ve been asked that question many times, so I thought I would explain how I perceive it here in the hopes that the ideals behind the summit will benefit others – even if they do not attend.

Continue Reading…


Taking Time To Be

May 20, 2011

This week I’ve had one reminder after another that I need to take some time for myself. Not to do anything per se, but to just be.

The world is full of distractions and things that can pull us off the path which we choose to lead. It can be challenging to navigate the seemingly winding path of life without losing our way. That’s why we need to slow down from time to time and ask the question: am I the person I want to be today?

It’s not about doing. It’s about being.

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Taking Chances

May 9, 2011
Taking Chances

The other day, I pulled out a fortune that had been in my wallet for a while (the little paper ones you get in fortune cookies, not a wad of money), and it got me thinking about this post right away.

‘Take that chance you’ve been considering.’

Those who know me already know that I’m no stranger to taking chances, but it’s great to have additional reminders from time to time. It’s not always easy living out on the edge, but I can tell you from experience that it’s where all the fun is.

I asked people in my network what chances they were considering and the answers varied from cheeky and fun to serious and soul-bearing. Continue Reading…