Social Media Strategy


February 1, 2011

If we’ve done our job, we have Listened to the existing conversations, imagined how we can become part of them by providing value to the community, and connected with the people that will benefit from our message.  Now for the payoff! We Inspire others to take action, to share our message, and hopefully both.

It is a rare occurrence to truly inspire people with communications.  Inspiration occurs when we strike deep emotional chords with others in such a way that they can’t help but share their experience with everyone they know. When this happens through digital media, the results can be staggering.


But don’t confuse the sharing of silly videos or funny photos with Inspiration.  True, often these are the things that are shared more frequently online, but this does not necessarily translate into meaningful action in the end. Inspiration goes much deeper and compels people to join movements, social causes, and purchase products and services that they resonate with.

When we craft our communications in a way that is designed to inspire others, we go beyond surface chatter and reach deeper to go for a more meaningful connection.  People notice, and often respond by becoming vocal advocates for our product, service, cause, movement, etc.

Think about the last time you were inspired. What did you do as a result?

Does this resonate with you?  If so, let’s work together to inspire something meaningful!

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