This past weekend, I was honored to be a part of an incredible conference/workshop called Creating Irresistible Presence here in Atlanta. The event was created and organized by Sarah Robinson – one of my big inspirations and author of Escaping Mediocrity. I connected with Sarah earlier in the year and have been very impressed with her writing and her spirit overall. I knew when she brought this event to Atlanta, I had to attend.

Interestingly, I was the only man at the event. ūüôā This proved to be quite fun for me, and I think for the women as well. The gist of the event is that we need to step into ourselves and realize that our voice needs to come across loud and clear in our actions, our writing, and in our business overall. We spent 3 days getting super clear on who we were as business-people, and as individuals as well. I learned so much from Sarah and the incredible group of women who showed up and gave it all they had. I witnessed some incredible transformations in people; right before my eyes these women were working through some intense stuff that had been holding them back. ¬†One by one I saw them shed the shackles. ¬†It was remarkable to watch them come alive and realize how incredible they all are!

Creating Irresistible Presence

This experience was well-timed for me. After the amazing experience at Vista Caballo back in June that I have written about at length, I knew I was on a new path, but I had not yet fully articulated this path in my business. Over the past few days, I worked on a statement that I believe is an accurate description of where I am headed with my consulting business: I help social entrepreneurs and socially conscious organizations build community using digital marketing, social media and other emerging media strategies. I’ve been stumbling all around this concept for months now, but this really does sum it up for me. ¬†There may be a better way to say it, and I may tweak it later, but I feel great about this statement!

I revised the Work page here on my site to clean up the messaging, and I’ve laid out the ways people can work with me – there is something for all budget levels, and there are clear calls to action as well.

But that’s not all! One of the exercises we did was in making declarations. ¬†I wrote down two that I’d like to share here:

  1. I am not stimulated by the prospects of great financial gains, but instead I am inspired by experiences and connecting with other like-minded individuals around the world.
  2. My purpose in life is to explore and enhance my connection with the world around me and follow my heart wherever it may lead.

That first one is a big one for me. ¬†It goes against the grain a bit, but it’s my truth. ¬†I do not seek to be wealthy by the conventional definition of the word. ¬†I already feel wealthy due to the enormous network of passionate individuals that I’m surrounded by and the fact that I have abundant opportunities in my life. ¬†This doesn’t mean that I don’t value myself and my talents though! ¬†In fact, I have increased my fees on some of my services. ¬†I believe that by being very clear on what I do and who I do it for, my work will be even more helpful and valuable to those who I have the pleasure of working with.

The second one I’ve written about before on several occasions. ¬†Following my heart is no longer theoretical. ¬†It’s what I’m doing. Period. ¬†I have put my loft back up for sale with an aggressive price point, and I expect I’ll be packing quite soon and heading out for my next big adventure. ¬†If you know anyone who is looking for a really amazing loft in Atlanta, this won’t last long. ¬†I’ve absolutely loved my time here, but it’s time for me to move on and continue the journey. Check out the video of it below:

What a fun experience! ¬†It’s incredibly liberating to put this all out there. ¬†Sarah calls it ‘pushing all the chips to the center of the table’ – pretty good metaphor, right? ¬†Well Sarah, I’m in! ¬†As always, I’m excited about the journey ahead and I will continue to share my experience here as it unfolds.

Thank you again to all the incredible women that literally Created Irresistible Presence for themselves this past weekend.  Great work, all of you!

If you’ve read this far, thanks for being here and being a part of the journey with me! I’m truly honored.

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Marshall