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People That Show Up

July 24, 2011
World Domination Summit

Every once in a while I like to do a quick check-in on how things are going in my life, and who the people are that are closest to me day to day. Something made me think about one of my neighbors that I haven’t really spent much time with in a long time, and I paused for moment to reflect on it. I didn’t come up with any particular reason why it’s been so long, although I ruled out distance since he’s only 3 floors down.

I suppose the reality is that I’m spending the majority of my time with people that are either in a similar life stage or are working on similar things out in the world right now. Continue Reading…



July 17, 2011

Not long ago, a friend was listening to me vent on an issue that was bothering me about my website. We were in launch mode and there was an issue that took a few days to work through. As I mentioned this frustration, he thought it was interesting to hear me obviously irritated by a technology issue when working with technology and consulting clients on digital strategy is my core business.

Just in case you weren’t sure, even us ‘online guys’ run into struggles from time to time. We sometimes run ourselves in circles, and I’ve certainly been known to chase my tail on more than one occasion. Continue Reading…


1 Year in a Child’s Life

July 10, 2011
Brandon and Caelan on Day 1

One year ago today, I watched my Godson, Caelan come into the world and glimpse the first sights of life outside the womb. Fast forward a year, and the two of us were playing together in the pool while he kicked, slapped, and splashed around in pure joy.

I’ve heard parents talk about how the experience of having a child changed everything for them, but I’ve never been quite so close to it and seen the transformation in such profound ways. I can say with total certainty that little Caelan has been a blessing to everyone whose life he has touched, including my own. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be actively involved in his life. Continue Reading…


Music Appreciation

July 3, 2011
Black Swan Lane - Staring Down The Path Of Sound

It’s been a week of great music.  I wrote about the phenomenal David Gray concert I attended on Tuesday, but there was a lot more musically that I wanted to highlight.

Thursday night, I went up to the lake to work on my friend Jack’s CD artwork for the soon-to-be-released Black Swan Lane album, Staring Down the Path of Sound.  Jack has been a friend and a client of mine for 10 years, but it wasn’t until this recent release that he let me participate in the creation of one of his albums.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been listening to rough cuts of songs from the band and giving him feedback that has helped shape the final selections on the album.  Continue Reading…


Grateful for Connection

June 26, 2011
Justin Runyon WDS

It’s really quite remarkable how collaboration and open communication can bring about positive shifts in the world.  In the past couple of weeks, a series of connections and opportunities have opened up that have left me in awe over how perfect the universe can be with orchestrating an intended outcome.

Last week, I wrote about Inviting Collaboration Through Social Media, and clearly the message resonated, as it was shared on Facebook more than any post I’ve ever written. It feels amazing to work with other people and collaborate on a shared vision, doesn’t it? Continue Reading…