Every once in a while I like to do a quick check-in on how things are going in my life, and who the people are that are closest to me day to day. Something made me think about one of my neighbors that I haven’t really spent much time with in a long time, and I paused for moment to reflect on it. I didn’t come up with any particular reason why it’s been so long, although I ruled out distance since he’s only 3 floors down.

I suppose the reality is that I’m spending the majority of my time with people that are either in a similar life stage or are working on similar things out in the world right now.

World Domination SummitA year ago, I was in the middle of planning for the Spirit of the Gulf Coast expedition, and it was remarkable to me to see the people that showed up for that work. In the year since, a series of people and experiences have come along that have enriched my life beyond measure.

I’m grateful for each and every person and experience that has shown up, not just in the last year, but every year that I have been on this Earth. 

Each year that goes by, I’m reminded how much we all have in common if we step back long enough to notice. Even as I write this, I’m reframing how I describe it in written form. When I consider the people that have shown up I’ve aligned with, it almost blows my mind. Some of the people that I used to think of as heroes are now people I’m getting the chance to work with.

I also have to include myself on the list of people that I’m grateful for, because I have definitely shown up more in the last year than any other time I can recall. It’s truly a journey of self-discovery that is ongoing, and I’m glad you’re here to share in the process with me.

What about you? Are there people that have shown up that you could take a moment to recognize? Can you include yourself on the list?

Photo: World Domination Summit by Armosa Studios, courtesy of Chris Guillebeau