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Lead Without Followers – a conversation with Dave Ursillo

September 25, 2011
Dave Ursillo

Lead Without Followers, the much anticipated book by Dave Ursillo, is being released on September 26, 2011.  I took a few minutes to have a conversation with Dave last week to discuss the book, and the entire Lead Without Followers Movement.

I had a chance to meet Dave in person at the World Domination Summit in June of this year and he’s every bit as cool, calm and collected in the flesh.  We even jumped out of an airplane together, which was pretty cool indeed.

If you have ever wondered if you were meant to be a leader but weren’t sure who you would lead, this book is for you.   Continue Reading…



July 17, 2011

Not long ago, a friend was listening to me vent on an issue that was bothering me about my website. We were in launch mode and there was an issue that took a few days to work through. As I mentioned this frustration, he thought it was interesting to hear me obviously irritated by a technology issue when working with technology and consulting clients on digital strategy is my core business.

Just in case you weren’t sure, even us ‘online guys’ run into struggles from time to time. We sometimes run ourselves in circles, and I’ve certainly been known to chase my tail on more than one occasion. Continue Reading…