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Practicing Gratitude

June 12, 2011
Brandon Sutton Hiking

Last weekend’s World Domination Summit brought up a lot of things for me that I need to work on, including some habits (hat tip to Leo Babauta) that I want to introduce in my life. I decided that a commitment to expressing gratitude is one of them.

About a year ago, I did an exercise where every morning I listed 5 things that I was grateful for.  I kept a running document of these things, which was a nice way to remind myself of all the wonderful aspects of my life that deserve recognition and appreciation.

But the question is, why relegate these expressions of gratitude to a document that’s trapped on my desktop? Continue Reading…

Must Read

The Day I Decided to Change the World

May 4, 2011
Brandon Sutton

May 3, 2011

The day I decided to change the world.

I’ve thought about this kind of proclamation before, but have resisted.  Perhaps I didn’t know for sure if I had it in me.  No more. Today, I can proclaim with absolute certainty that I’m doing something meaningful with my life, and it’s going to change the world.

To be sure, this is a moment that’s been a long time coming. Through a series of conversations and synchronistic events, the Universe has lined up to propel me forward along this meandering path.  Continue Reading…


A New Era Of Collaboration

April 13, 2011

For the past couple of months, I’ve had opportunity after opportunity come my way to collaborate with people that are doing similar work out in the world as I am.  This brings up an interesting question: in a society that is largely built on competition, can collaboration become the norm?

This topic has come up in several conversations lately, and I though I would explore it a little bit here.  I was on a call earlier with a fellow documentarian that was talking about the great content that she has from coastal Louisiana after the oil spill.  We commented on the fact that there are a plethora of talented individuals and community groups that have been following the stories and producing very engaging content.

But where is the collaboration between these groups?  You have to look pretty hard these days to find stories on the Gulf oil spill, yet many bootstrapped organizations are putting their heart and soul into spreading awareness day after day, our Spirit of the Gulf Coast initiative included. Continue Reading…


Togetherness and the Japan Disaster

March 18, 2011

A week ago, Japan, and arguably the whole of humanity, was rocked by a devastating earthquake and tsunami that captured the attention of people from around the world. In a sense, this tragedy is yet another reminder us of just how fragile we are. In the days since this disaster struck, I’ve been thinking a lot about how this event has lessons for us as a society and a species. I believe it’s possible for positive things to come out of disasters and this post is about looking at the potential for good in the presence of untold suffering.

The support has been substantial in the aftermath of this disaster, with companies and relief organizations stepping forward to help with monetary support, supplies, volunteers, etc. Even Governments from around the world have pledged support, particularly in the efforts to contain the nuclear emergency that has elevated the level of concern during this past week. This type of coming together is encouraging to see, and it shows what we are capable of when we truly want to help others who are suffering. Continue Reading…

Social Causes

Hunger Walk/Run 2011

March 4, 2011
Hunger Walk Atlanta 2011

March 13, 2011, people from all over the Atlanta area come together at Turner Field in a show of solidarity to promote the end of hunger in our community.  Hunger Walk/Run is an annual event that brings people from all walks of life together for an afternoon of entertainment, fellowship, and a nice walk through the city. And for the more athletic sort, there is a 5K run as well (don’t worry, I’ll be walking).

My team this year with Hub Atlanta has a goal of raising $1500 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB), and my personal goal is $500.  If you have a few bucks to spare today, would you consider donating? Continue Reading…