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Grateful for Connection

June 26, 2011
Justin Runyon WDS

It’s really quite remarkable how collaboration and open communication can bring about positive shifts in the world.  In the past couple of weeks, a series of connections and opportunities have opened up that have left me in awe over how perfect the universe can be with orchestrating an intended outcome.

Last week, I wrote about Inviting Collaboration Through Social Media, and clearly the message resonated, as it was shared on Facebook more than any post I’ve ever written. It feels amazing to work with other people and collaborate on a shared vision, doesn’t it? Continue Reading…


Going All In

June 17, 2011
Brandon Sutton Gulf of Mexico

Going all in is a concept that continues to come up as I move through my journey. I’ve been hearing it over and over again by very inspiring people that I greatly admire.

Most recently, I attended a talk by Pete Bethune last night, where he talked about leadership, risk, and doing things that make a big impact in the world.  Pete is the man that decided he wanted to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat.  But not just any powerboat, one that was fueled 100% by biodiesel.  My kind of guy!

Pete’s story is a remarkable example of an individual that embarked on a quest and learned so much along the way that it has altered the trajectory of not only his life, but the lives of countless people and animals the world over.  Continue Reading…


A New Era Of Collaboration

April 13, 2011

For the past couple of months, I’ve had opportunity after opportunity come my way to collaborate with people that are doing similar work out in the world as I am.  This brings up an interesting question: in a society that is largely built on competition, can collaboration become the norm?

This topic has come up in several conversations lately, and I though I would explore it a little bit here.  I was on a call earlier with a fellow documentarian that was talking about the great content that she has from coastal Louisiana after the oil spill.  We commented on the fact that there are a plethora of talented individuals and community groups that have been following the stories and producing very engaging content.

But where is the collaboration between these groups?  You have to look pretty hard these days to find stories on the Gulf oil spill, yet many bootstrapped organizations are putting their heart and soul into spreading awareness day after day, our Spirit of the Gulf Coast initiative included. Continue Reading…


Free E-Book: What Matters Now

December 21, 2009

Last week, several of the people I follow on Twitter mentioned Seth Godin’s recent e-book What Matters Now, and after a few days of coming back to it again and again to absorb a few nuggets at a time, I finally finished it last night and had to share it.  This is a fantastic example of collaboration, sharing, honesty, and inspiration.  I can’t think of a better thing to do than share this with everyone I know.

Each page covers a thought-provoking insight from a different author; there are many well-known authors as well as some I had never heard of before.  I hope you enjoy the e-book as much as I did.  Special thanks to Seth Godin and all the contributors for this magnificent collection of thoughts and inspiration!

Download Here

What Matters Now