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Missing the MySpace boat?

January 26, 2007

I’ve blogged about the opportunities on MySpace before, but the other day I was looking to see if I could find the World of Coca-Cola here in Atlanta on MySpace.  What I found was Pandora’s box – a box filled with missed opportunities for Coca-Cola.  Not only did I NOT find the World of Coca-Cola, what I did find was unbelievable.

Just for one second, go and check out  Or how about

Yeah – unbelievable!!!  Two American teenagers were first to the punch and got them.  Wow!  But it gets better.  Do a search on Coca Cola, Coca-Cola, etc. and you won’t believe how many profiles are on the site that presumably have nothing whatsoever to do with the brand.  It really blew my mind!

Remember back in the 90s when everyone was snatching up URLs for their companies?  And the lucky ones got the .com for their company before someone got it first and charged them out the wazoo to buy it at a ridiculous price.  But what about the MySpace URLs?  Small businesses have been taking advantage of this incredible resource for years now, but why not the big guys?  Just last night I walked down to the local pizza joint in my neighborhood and handwritten on a paper plate was their MySpace URL –  Granted they are just starting out and don’t have much on the page, but man – they got it!  They understand that most (if not all) of their customers have MySpace accounts.

So back to my boat analogy – perhaps the decision makers at the big companies think of MySpace as a ‘kids site’, or let’s say a Disney Cruise.  But in reality, it’s probably a mix of a Disney Cruise and a Carnival Cruise.  Either way, people are having fun with it and the big guys are missing out.  The ‘All Aboard’ was sounded long ago.  Are you on board?

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