Marketing Guidance for Aspiring Creatives in the Digital World

Your Story?

You’re a creative professional (writer, entrepreneur, or other) that loves the creative process of making your art. But marketing, promoting and selling your great work intimidates you to the point of gridlock because doing so in an honorable, ethical way is not your area of expertise.

Further, you want to expand your online presence by making your message irresistible and shareable. But you’re overwhelmed by the “resistance” because you don’t have a skilled and experienced guide at your service to lead the way.

Ultimately, you fear your amazing art is destined for irrelevance because you’ll never be a master of all that’s required to make your art recognized and respected.

Sound familiar?

“Your Playing Small Does not Serve the World”
– Marianne Williamson, A Course In Miracles

My No-Nonsense Solution:

In his book Uncertainty, author Jonathan Fields asks: ‘What is it that allows certain people to take action in the face of tremendous uncertainty?’

I believe that part of the answer to the above is that people who have an experienced ally to guide them through the options, defend them from derailers, and escort them to their goals even as the fears emerge are set up to move forward confidently, despite the urge to play it safe and blend in. That’s where I come in.

I’m your ally-in-waiting poised to help you successfully navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and your own internal resistance. For the better part of a decade, I’ve disciplined myself to listen to and well-understand the needs, objectives, and styles of creative individuals like you.

I also continually train with the new tools of the day – staying sharp so as to provide direct guidance on what you need without suffocating you in what you don’t.

The result is a business built to help spread the message of those devoted to making positive contributions in the world.

As a pioneer like you, I understand how challenging it often is to consistently push the envelope with messaging and digital networking. Don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the opportunities for connecting with others online without forcing you into any particular prescriptive methodology.

Together, we will hand-craft an outreach and promotion program tailored to your specialized needs and that you are fully comfortable with. I’ll share momentarily how this program will come together. But first, let’s review a vital element to online success that most overlook…

Important Distinction – Strategy vs. Tactics

Mainstream online marketing folks love to push tactics. They’ll attempt to seduce you with the latest ways to optimize Twitter and Facebook. They’ll unleash their voodoo about the next big blog you absolutely must mimic to be successful. They’ll have you believe (if they have their way) that the difference is in the details.

The thing is, it’s not. The difference between blissful success and utter failure is in the strategy.

Tactics matter but are largely unusable and certainly worthless unless you have an ironclad strategy that they fit into. The marketing “gurus” don’t want you to know this because it hurts their business of offering charades. When you work with me, it’s strategy first and foremost. And when you invest in smart strategy, you win.

Our partnership is geared toward “network neutral” strategies – meaning that what we create is so robust that it can be executed via any social network or digital outreach platform. We hone in on your core message, identify your unique selling proposition, electrify your unique story, and build supporting strategies around those pillars rooted in substance that are well targeted to your ideal reader/client/customer.

With my approach, what you’re left with is a custom strategy package steeped in value, truth, substance, and integrity that will help you overcome the uncertainty within and share your best work with the rest of the world.

In this quest to create and share remarkable work, you’ll be seen as a trailblazer amid a legion of ‘play it safe’ followers. That’s a good position to be in.

To finalize the matter, here’s a vivid comparison between strategies and tactics that should forever provide the clarity you need:

Strategy Example: Listen for online conversations about a particular topic, then filter and target segments of users with a relevant message that creates shared value.

Tactic Example: Post links to promotional pages/campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you’re willing to stand apart like me and work toward a remarkable and ethical marketing strategy that works, then I invite you to learn more about how we can work together.

My Thoughtful Process:

A good, thoughtful process is never to be feared but embraced. I believe that thoughtfulness is a rare quality these days in online marketing where everyone else expects overnight success. I also believe that it’s the glue that binds a smart strategy together.

What follows is how we engage and build rhythm, thoughtfully. The momentum this process yields will carry us to a complete and powerful strategy package built uniquely for you.

Learning & Strategy Development

  1. Complete detailed questionnaire on your existing marketing efforts, assets available, goals, and general comfort level with digital tools
  2. Have a private phone/skype conversation to expand on your answers in more detail
  3. Develop a high-level communications plan; draft operational strategy with supportive tactics and advice
  4. Review the suggested operational strategy via phone/Skype; capture feedback and adapt as necessary
  5. Iterate steps three and four a maximum of three times

Setup and Testing the Waters

  1. Supply a list of suggested digital tools for executing the strategy
  2. Provide guidance in setting up key tools, as applicable
  3. Configure online marketing dashboards and other monitoring tools as applicable
  4. Nurture your execution of this new strategy with hands-on, step-by-step support

Ongoing Support for 6-months

  1. Bi-weekly* one-hour mentoring call to discuss progress, opportunities, challenges, questions, etc.
  2. Bi-weekly worksheet PDFs delivered via email to keep you on track
  3. Weekly feedback on online content shared via email, blog comments, or other applicable written methods
  4. Email correspondence in between mentoring calls as needed

* Weekly if needed; an optional upgrade

Optional Empowerment: Blog Implementation

Blogs are an excellent communication platform for your remarkable work. There’s rarely a creative discipline that can’t be smartly promoted via a blog. I can almost guarantee that we’ll discuss the viability and applicability of blogs as an input into your holistic strategy. They’re that versatile and powerful.

Odds are you have a functioning blog already. Kudos if you do! If you don’t, I can help with that by implementing and configuring a basic WordPress (WP) blog for you. Here’s what I provide:

  1. Installation of a fresh WP site
  2. Configuration of basic WP settings and plugins
  3. Installation of a WP theme (provided by you if you so choose)
  4. Tutorial resources on how to use WP

If you want to a more advanced blog implementation (custom functionality, intricate design, etc.) I’d be more than happy to refer you to an excellent designer and/or developer. Just ask!

Optional Empowerment: Editorial Strategy

A smart marketing strategy builds the targeted channels you need to reach your audience. Assuming you work with me, that’s what you’ll get.

A smart editorial strategy fills those channels with the right type of content that will leave your audience raving and craving more. Assuming you choose this optional empowerment, that’s what you’ll get.

But you’ll actually get more…

You see, I’m not an editorial strategy wizard. But my friend Matt Gartland is. And he’s kindly allowing me to bundle his expertise into my offering (and at a special rate). So, when you select to power up your online game plan with editorial strategy, you’ll get both of us helping you as a dynamic duo!

You’ll enjoy the following from Matt’s editorial prowess:

  1. Custom content pipeline strategy (includes multimedia recommendations)
  2. Targeted content style guide in harmony with Brandon’s marketing strategy
  3. Editorial readiness checklist (so your best content isn’t published with gaping voids)
  4. Ideal reader/client/customer avatar profile
  5. Ongoing editorial feedback and guidance via bi-weekly mentoring calls

Matt’s process interlaces with my own (described above). That creates a seamless experience for you. If you’re not already concentrating on your editorial strategy, I highly recommend that you begin to do so – with Matt or someone else. It’s that important.

Costs, Payment Splits, and Next Steps:

I’ve given you a lot to consider. Take your time in assessing what combination of services is best for you. To help you in your evaluation, here are how these services add-up costs-wise:

Featured Option: Thoughtful Marketing + Editorial Strategy Bundle
Led by Brandon Sutton and Matt Gartland

  • $2,495 setup; then…
  • +$600/month (bi-weekly mentoring calls), or…
  • +$900/month (weekly mentoring calls)

A $1300 (21%) savings from investing in these services individually (assumes bi-weekly calls).

Option 1: Thoughtful Marketing Service Only
Led by Brandon Sutton

  • $1,395 setup; then…
  • +$350/month (bi-weekly mentoring calls), or…
  • +$600/month (weekly mentoring calls)

Option 2: Editorial Strategy Service Only
Led by Matt Gartland

  • $1,500 setup; then…
  • +$400/month (bi-weekly mentoring calls), or…
  • +$600/month (weekly mentoring calls)

You can end the monthly calls at any time after the first month, no questions asked.

À La Carte Option: Blog Implementation
Led by Brandon Sutton

  • Starting at $1,750
  • Hosting and domain fees are additional
  • Technical support post-launch not included

I’m glad to accept project payments in split installments to make life easier on you! Here is how those splits work:

  • For projects totaling less than $2,000, invoices will be split 50/50 with the beginning and end of the project.
  • For projects totaling $2,000 or more, invoices will be split into thirds with a third being invoice each at the beginning, middle, and end of the project.

Please note that above payment splits do not account for any monthly fees associated to ongoing support.

Where do we go from here? That’s a choice I leave to you!

I’m happy to help you decide if I’m the best marketing strategist to help you promote yourself in a smart, targeted, and authentic manner. Just email me at services [at] with your questions.

Ready to go? Email me we’ll get the process started.