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July 17, 2011

Not long ago, a friend was listening to me vent on an issue that was bothering me about my website. We were in launch mode and there was an issue that took a few days to work through. As I mentioned this frustration, he thought it was interesting to hear me obviously irritated by a technology issue when working with technology and consulting clients on digital strategy is my core business.

Just in case you weren’t sure, even us ‘online guys’ run into struggles from time to time. We sometimes run ourselves in circles, and I’ve certainly been known to chase my tail on more than one occasion. Continue Reading…


1 Year in a Child’s Life

July 10, 2011
Brandon and Caelan on Day 1

One year ago today, I watched my Godson, Caelan come into the world and glimpse the first sights of life outside the womb. Fast forward a year, and the two of us were playing together in the pool while he kicked, slapped, and splashed around in pure joy.

I’ve heard parents talk about how the experience of having a child changed everything for them, but I’ve never been quite so close to it and seen the transformation in such profound ways. I can say with total certainty that little Caelan has been a blessing to everyone whose life he has touched, including my own. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be actively involved in his life. Continue Reading…


2010 – A Year of Learning, Growth, Transformation and Adventure

December 22, 2010

This year has been one of incredible learning, growth, and personal transformation along with a healthy dose of adventure.  It’s actually quite remarkable to me to look back on where I was a year ago and how much things have changed for the better.  I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the year in the hope that it might provide some context for what I’ve been doing and how my life and my work has changed over the past 12 months.

Big things that happened:

Worked with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to develop their social media strategic plan for 2010-2011. Helped interview candidates for the new fulltime role of Online Community Builder for the ACFB.

Interviewed with multiple major agencies but finally decided that the work that I want to do will not be carried out inside an agency. Stopped interviewing and never looked back.

Realized that my loft is not more important than me living the life I want to live, and made the decision to sell it after 8 wonderful years of living here. Continue Reading…