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7 Days Until Departure

May 27, 2011
7 Days Until Departure - World Domination Summit

7 Days Until Departure.

These are the words that I could hardly imagine when Chris Guillebeau first announced the World Domination Summit last September. #WDS has been sold out since January, which is quite a remarkable achievement for someone who has never produced a live event before.

So, what is this World Domination Summit all about anyway?

Lately, I’ve been asked that question many times, so I thought I would explain how I perceive it here in the hopes that the ideals behind the summit will benefit others – even if they do not attend.

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Social Media Strategy


February 1, 2011
Brandon Sutton and Mikey at Vista Caballo, June 2010

We’ve gone through the process of Listening for opportunities and we have Imagined how we can provide solutions – now it’s time to Connect.

During the Imagine stage, we no doubt came up with several ideas for potential social intersections to be explored.  Now it’s time to connect.  Connecting is the tactical phase of social media engagement where we reach out to key people or even entire communities with our message.  We connect with people where they are, not where we think they should be. It’s a bonus if they are participating in communities or networks that we are already involved with, but that’s not always the way it works out.  Continue Reading…