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This page is dedicated to the exceptional people, articles, books, etc. that have inspired my work and my thinking over the years.  If it’s on this page, I stand by its content.  Enjoy!


Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau

Chris’s blog, The Art of Non-Conformity is one of my favorite resources for ongoing inspiration, travel ideas, & general validation that there are good, decent people on the planet that think about things and people beyond their immediate circles. Chis is on a quest to travel to every country on Earth before he turns 35. Need a boost of inspiration? Check him out.


Dave UrsilloDave Ursillo

Dave is a shining example of an individual that realized that a change needed to happen in his life and did a total overhaul. He is on a mission to teach people how to lead without followers through his writing and public speaking. I’ve had a chance to get to know Dave, and his inspiring message of optimism, connectedness, and service is one I hope others will enjoy.


Jonathan FieldsJonathan Fields

Jonathan provides ongoing motivation, insight and inspiration through his blog, which I read religiously.  His writing digs into what makes people tick and how to apply these insights into business, entrepreneurship, and life overall.  See his TEDx talk on Fear for a quick jolt of awesomeness.


John Marshall RobertsJohn Marshall Roberts

John’s work on inspiring others outfitted with the understanding of the various worldview lenses that people filter information through is poised to revolutionize how visionaries bring about change around the world. Anyone that is working to bring about massive change can benefit from his message.


Sarah RobinsonSarah Robinson

Sarah knows how to bring people together, that’s for sure. Her blog, Escaping Mediocrity regularly features guest posts by some of the most inspirational writers online. She nurtures her online community with grace and respect, but isn’t afraid to throw an ass-kicking post or series of posts into the fray just to make sure she keeps readers on their toes.




Authored by Peter M Senge, C Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers, this incredible book digs into human awareness and shows how transformational changes start with getting still and allowing things to be as they are. It was one of the pivotal books I read in 2010 and helped me to slow down and take notice of the seemingly mundane around me. This is a great companion for business leaders that are looking to enact change in their organizations.


The Art of Non- ConformityThe Art of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau’s first book and companion to his incredible blog of the same name is an easy-to-read text on the idea of following your heart and living life on your own terms. Chris’s love of Entrepreneurship comes through loud and clear in this book, which will appeal to those who are not sure a 9-5 job is right for them.  In fact, anyone who’s ever questioned their path in life might enjoy looking at life from this alternative perspective.


The Power Of NowThe Power of Now

Eckert Tolle eloquently illustrates the simple, yet profound truth that the only moment we have is right now. Past and future are mental constructs that we can be trapped by, which keeps us removed from the only thing that is real – this moment. When we slow down and pay attention to what is going on with us in the moment, we make room for powerful shifts to take place in our lives.  Incredible book that is highly recommended.


Igniting InspirationIgniting Inspiration

John Marshall Roberts takes us through Worldview Design theory and the concept of Worldviews in this incredible ‘persuasion manual for visionaries.’ He walks you through common thinking styles and gives actionable advice on how to communicate your ideas to those that might think very differently than you do. If you’re looking to tackle some of the huge challenges humanity is facing, let Igniting Inspiration be your guide. In fact, keep it nearby so you can refer back to it again and again.  I do, and it’s made a huge difference in the way I communicate with others.


Think Big ManifestoThe Think Big Manifesto

Michael Port really blew me away with this short book.  The basic idea is that the world needs big thinking, and we don’t do ourselves or the world any favors by thinking small.  He gives repeated affirmations that there is nothing gained by thinking small but everything to gain by ‘going for it’ without hesitation.  I loved that he essentially gives readers the courage to go out and change the world.  We need more world changers! Ready for a good ass kick? Check it out.


Last Hours Of Ancient SunlightThe Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Thom Hartmann digs deep into the issue of energy, societal constructs, and how our social systems have evolved over millennia. The issue – we are bumping up on limits on what the Earth can provide. Hartmann goes into the history of humanity and our fascination with dominating other species, other races, and indeed dominating nature itself.  This book opened up my thinking on our place in history and gave me serious motivation to speak up and be part of the solution to some of the major global challenges we face as humans. Heavy reading, but inspirational if you have the tolerance for planetary shifts of consciousness.


Other Resources

Reese SpykermanReese Spykerman

Reese is a brilliant designer that is in high demand for her incredible work online.  Not only does she design amazing websites, but she also authored my favorite post of all time – One True Voice. Check her out if you’re ready to take your design to the next level. And seriously, read this post.  It’s incredible!


Judi KnightJudi Knight and New Tricks

Judi is my WordPress hero, and an all-around amazing woman. Her team re-designed my blog in March 2011 and has done some great work for several of my clients. She also runs a kick ass Bed & Breakfast in Atlanta called Urban Oasis. Yep, she’s awesome. Reach out if you need any WordPress help, or need a cool spot to lay your head in Atlanta.


Terrell ClarkTerrell Clark

Terrell is a friend, neighbor, and incredibly talented photographer.  I had the pleasure of working with him directly on our Spirit of the Gulf Coast documentary project and am consistently impressed with his eye for moments and scenes that might go unnoticed by others.


Kyle BidlackKyle Bidlack

Kyle has been a friend, neighbor, creative partner, and all-around nice guy since I first met him a decade ago.  He is a veteran of the big advertising agency world that has found his own groove working as a freelance creative director.  He designed my blog logo, business cards, and many other creative elements across various web properties.  If you are in need of creative support, Kyle is your man.


Simone Lipscomb - Turtle Island AdventuresSimone Lipscomb

Simone is my anam cara, and someone that I’m forever grateful for coming into my life. Her work documenting the oil spill’s impact on the Gulf coast environment brought us together, but her spiritual message of connectedness and stewardship of the earth is what took our work together to a much higher level. Simone is an incredibly gifted writer and photographer and is helping the planet heal through storytelling and outreach to youth in particular.


Southeast GreenSoutheast Green

Southeast Green is an excellent resource for ‘green’ happenings in the region, and they have been incredibly supportive of our Spirit of the Gulf Coast initiative. Beth Bond, the Chief of Chaos and Editor of Southeast Green hails from Mobile, Alabama, so she understands the challenges of ‘green’ living in the area.  Beth is a tireless advocate of sustainability and environmental initiatives throughout the region, which makes her totally awesome in my book.


Jeff Duvall, Forward100 – Jeff’s agency, Forward 100 balances for profit work with non-profit give-back, which gets a big thumbs up in my book. He is a Social Psychologist that helps brands understand ‘Progressive Marketing Paradigms’ – in other words, he gets it.