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7 Days Until Departure

May 27, 2011
7 Days Until Departure - World Domination Summit

7 Days Until Departure.

These are the words that I could hardly imagine when Chris Guillebeau first announced the World Domination Summit last September. #WDS has been sold out since January, which is quite a remarkable achievement for someone who has never produced a live event before.

So, what is this World Domination Summit all about anyway?

Lately, I’ve been asked that question many times, so I thought I would explain how I perceive it here in the hopes that the ideals behind the summit will benefit others – even if they do not attend.

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The Day I Decided to Change the World

May 4, 2011
Brandon Sutton

May 3, 2011

The day I decided to change the world.

I’ve thought about this kind of proclamation before, but have resisted.  Perhaps I didn’t know for sure if I had it in me.  No more. Today, I can proclaim with absolute certainty that I’m doing something meaningful with my life, and it’s going to change the world.

To be sure, this is a moment that’s been a long time coming. Through a series of conversations and synchronistic events, the Universe has lined up to propel me forward along this meandering path.  Continue Reading…


February 21, 2011

Friday afternoon, I began a journey into a lifetime of stored ‘stuff.’  This was a step that I knew I had to take before I moved, and despite all the preparation I did in the Spring of 2010 when I first decided to sell my loft, the main work of dealing with the stuff in storage, shoved in drawers, etc. has been looming all this time.

I’m a big believer in the flow of energy in life, and certainly in my home. I have greatly minimized the ‘things’ in my space over the years, yet there were hidden pockets of stuff that just saw the light of day for the first time in years (and in some cases, decades). If my life were a ship, I would have been cruising through the water with barnacles all over the hull slowing my forward movement and keeping me from going the distance I wanted to go. Continue Reading…

A Change of Scenery

January 14, 2011

Earlier this week, Atlanta was rocked by one of those ‘perfect storms’ that had the entire city paralyzed for days on end.  We make fun of people for making a run on the grocery stores before these things hit, but in this case it probably wasn’t the worst idea, actually.  On day 3 of the icy mess, I decided I’d had enough and needed to get moving.  I was tired of being isolated, and I wasn’t feeling very productive.  A change of scenery was in order.

Several options were bouncing around in my head, including Montego Bay, Aruba, Cancun, Los Angeles, etc, but suddenly I remembered that my friend Judi has a beach house on the Gulf, and it all clicked in that instant.

For the past month or so, I’ve been discussing Spirit of the Gulf Coast with the expedition team Continue Reading…

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Doing Things

January 6, 2011
Brandon Sutton Skydiving

My friend Nathan who I met back in the Summer of 2010 said something to me then that has stuck with me ever since:

‘It’s always nice to meet other passionate, energetic people who like to not just talk, but do things.’

This really resonated with me, and it gave me a boost of confidence during a challenging time that I was going through.   It turned out the friendships that formed during this period of my life enabled Spirit of the Gulf Coast to become a reality and for many positive changes to take place as a result.  Doing things in this context is something that I continually aspire to, especially when they help make the world a better place to live.

I have always prided myself on ‘doing things’ that many people think are crazy, irrational, impractical, dangerous, etc.  This is what makes me feel alive.  These are the things that bring joy to my life, and often the lives of others.  I’ve come to realize lately that although many of my adventures are done as part of my own personal journey, they have affected many others, some of which I don’t even know about. Btw, if you missed my last post on the 2010 recap, it has a quick summary of the highlights that you can check out here. Continue Reading…